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The General Motors Diet

The General Motors diet was purportedly created by the automobile manufacturer in the 1980’s, in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Research Center. The goal of the GM diet was to help their employees lose 10-17 pounds in 7 days. Of course, in the 1980’s, General Motors employed almost 600,000 workers. Today, that number has shrunk […]

The 8 Hour Diet

Whereas the 3-Day Diet limits caloric intake to achieve short-term weight loss, the 8 Hour Diet limits the amount of time one spends eating. Introduced by David Zinczenko of Men’s Health, the weight loss program limits caloric intake to a pre-determined 8 hour window throughout a day. It doesn’t matter which 8 hours one spends eating and it doesn’t matter […]

The 3-Day Diet

A short-term diet that could result in as much as a ten pound weight loss in three days is the aptly named 3-Day Diet. The philosophy behind the diet is to greatly reduce the amount of calories one consumes during a three day period, creating a metabolic reaction that will promote fat burning. If followed […]

What Americans Spend on Weight Loss Dreams

If you are trying to lose weight, you are not alone. In 2012, nearly 108 million Americans attempted to lose weight, spending approximately $65 billion in the process. Where does that $65 billion go and who reaps the benefit? You would hope it would be the actual dieter, but that is not usually the case. […]